Devil In The Details III - The Art of Mastery- A Mentoring Trilogy by LT Morrison

Devil In The Details III - The Art of Mastery- A Mentoring Trilogy by LT Morrison

Author:LT Morrison [Morrison, LT]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Createspace
Published: 2012-06-22T22:00:00+00:00

Social Organizer & Personal Assistant

Women, by and large are terrific social conveners. They seem better at it than men. That is certainly my experience, so take advantage of it. They seem more interested in it too. Of the numerous personal secretary privileges one can task to her, the one to establish early is responsibility for the “Social Calendar”. It is convenient and usually a task well suited to slaves in general. It keeps them in touch with friends and events in the BDSM community and relieves masters of the tedious task of researching BDSM functions. Task her also, with suggesting entertainment ideas. That is always fun. You of course, decide how to use her social acumen to your advantage.

Now before getting all puffy slavegirls, read that again and realize your master is not looking for a momma-slave. There is actually very little there, and quite frankly, the only important part is keeping him informed of plays, concerts, who’s playing at the Comedy Club and what BDSM events are coming up, so he can decide what he wants to drag your sorry little ass to. So relax, he will pick what works for you both.

Also, take this time to establish the habit of accounting for her time. Often, a simple refrigerator calendar with her weekly out of house schedule does the trick. The detail of this will depend on the level of micro-management you want.

There are many other tasks you can delegate including all correspondence, opening mail, auditing bills, preparing payments, reconciling bank statements and filing. Those entertaining regularly might want to establish an Entertainment Book that records who and when guests visited, what was served, any allergies, or other special needs they may have, and their favorite drinks. Many slaves enjoy keeping track of that information making it an ideal responsibility to establish. Your friends will compliment your hosting, so enjoy the benefits accrued from your slave’s diligence.

There are countless ways to enable your slave’s usefulness. From making and recording appointments for you, to providing input to the monthly budget preparation, the sky is the limit. One of the most useful though, is being your extra hands, ears and complimentary brain. Schedule time to sit down and talk.

Enable her to enable you. A simple command heard in these parts is “Pet, please look after the filing or it will sit there for years!” I hate filing. Whatever rules you choose, write them down and enforce them.


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