The Titan_The Luke Titan Chronicles by David Beers

The Titan_The Luke Titan Chronicles by David Beers

Author:David Beers [Beers, David]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-11-18T05:00:00+00:00

“Dr. Canonine, it’s important that you eat. You need to keep your strength. We’ve got a long journey ahead.”

Edward turned his head to the plague sitting next to him. They’d been in the car for two days, and Edward’s only relief was that he hadn’t witnessed anyone else die.

Edward didn’t know where they were heading. He wasn’t sure he even cared.

“You killed Karen,” he said as Luke passed him a hamburger inside a paper wrapper.

“I did. I snapped her head all the way around. That was for you, Dr. Canonine. I could have just partly twisted it and done the job, but I thought I’d leave a lasting impression.” He motioned with the burger again. “Please eat.”

Edward took the burger and sat it down on his lap. He looked out the window at the parking lot.

“Where are we?”

“We’re in Ohio.”

Edward nodded as if it made sense.

They had pulled into a drive-thru about a mile back. Edward hadn’t even thought about making a scene. He wouldn’t try alerting anyone because he remembered so vividly what happened at the hospital. It didn’t matter how loud or quickly he tried to scream, Titan would always be quicker, more forceful. Edward might be able to get a few words out, but Titan would rapidly knock his teeth down his throat, then step from the car. He’d move through the fast food restaurant like a robotic killer, ending everyone’s life before they even knew what was happening.

There was no point in screaming for help.

No point in any of it.

Edward saw Karen’s face staring at the floor, her flesh pale. Her blood already turning cold.

“We’re going to Arizona, Dr. Canonine,” Titan said. Edward didn’t know if he was being toyed with or not; he couldn’t determine any inflections in Titan’s voice. “I should still own some property there, and I’d like to call Christian to me once again.”

Edward looked down at the hamburger in his lap. Eat, the man had said. As if it mattered what Edward did anymore. He was already dead.

“Why am I here?” he asked.

“You’re not paying attention,” Titan said. He wasn’t eating. In fact, as Edward looked at him, he didn’t think Titan had picked up anything for himself at all. “You’re here to bear witness. So far, you’re doing a very poor job of it.”

“You don’t need me for that,” Edward said, trying to create some semblance of order in his words. He needed to get out of here, away from this man, and he had to have a coherent argument if that was going to be possible. “The world bears witness. You don’t need me.”

“True. But you did ask, Dr. Canonine. Don’t forget that.”

“I didn’t mean it,” Edward said. “I didn’t …”

But he lost his train of thought.

“You didn’t know. That’s okay,” Titan said. “You do now. And if you don’t yet, you will soon.” The man readjusted so that he faced Edward a bit more. He was still. Even in his hospital room, Titan had shown more emotion than this.


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