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epub |eng | | Author:Charles Casillo

TWENTY-TWO NIGHTMARE On February 7 Dr. Kris herself drove Marilyn to New York Hospital. Although the staff knew who their new patient was, the just-divorced Marilyn Monroe signed herself in ...
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epub |eng | 2014-11-06 | Author:Laura Thompson [Thompson, Laura]

PART III The Investigation ‘Was it possible, even remotely possible, that the man’s statement was true? Was this that thousandth case where circumstantial evidence, complete in every particular, was merely ...
( Category: True Crime August 18,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:Sher Banu A.L. Khan [Khan, Sher Banu A.L.]

Administration of Law and Justice under the Sultanahs Such caprice and cruelty were not reported during the reigns of the female rulers. Ironically, their penalties, checked by moral and religious ...
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epub |eng | 2014-12-31 | Author:Anne-Dauphine Julliand

23 AN INFERNAL DOWNWARD SPIRAL. ONLY A WEEK AFTER THAïS came home, when she finally has regained her bearings and some of her strength, there are new complications. She’s in ...
( Category: Memoirs August 18,2018 )
epub |eng | 2011-10-03 | Author:Meir Shalev [Shalev, Meir]

17 When my sister was two or three years old our mother began to travel with us from Jerusalem to Nahalal by train: Jerusalem to Lydda, Lydda to Haifa, from ...
( Category: World August 16,2018 )
azw3 |eng | 2016-06-12 | Author:Brown, Bobby & Chiles, Nick [Brown, Bobby]

Home Again When the guys in New Edition started making noise in 1995 about having me rejoin the group for its next album and tour, I was ready to get ...
( Category: Arts & Literature August 16,2018 )
epub |eng | 2015-05-24 | Author:Robert Keller [Keller, Robert]

( Category: True Crime August 16,2018 )
mobi |eng | 2014-11-02 | Author:Orthofer, M.A. [Orthofer, M.A.]

It is one of the great boons of our age: to be able to find and read these works. Not always in as crisply reproduced editions, but accessible. Not that ...
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epub |eng | 2014-08-11 | Author:Fuller, Sydney

( Category: Biographies & Memoirs August 16,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-08-13 | Author:Wayne Kramer

CHAPTER 19 BUSTED It was springtime 1974, and the weather turned pleasant again. Tim Shafe had returned to Detroit from New York, and Mel and I and a new organist ...
( Category: Arts & Literature August 16,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-06-11 | Author:Edward G. Longacre

Given the general misunderstanding of the enemy’s positions, it must have come as a shock to Custer, as to thousands of his comrades, when Buford’s column splashed across Beverly Ford ...
( Category: Americas August 16,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-08-13 | Author:Bart van Es

* * * — BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 17 and October 20, 1944, the fate of the village of Bennekom hung in the balance. The landings nearby on the Ginkelse Heide were ...
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epub |eng | 2018-08-13 | Author:Karen Piper

PART THREE Dynamic Instability Missile Guidebook: Notice its faults, such as how often it fails to fire. Tell this to everyone. This will take away some of its power, since ...
( Category: Memoirs August 16,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-08-13 | Author:Jeanne McCulloch

Earlier that day, my mother had driven over to see my father, but had not told us at the time. I heard about her visit years later, from one of ...
( Category: Memoirs August 15,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:Thomas Page McBee

Why Won’t Anyone Touch Me? * * * I came home late with bruised eyes and ribs and crawled into Epsom-salt baths. I came home late, mealymouthed, and hung my ...
( Category: Social Sciences August 15,2018 )

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