A World I Never Made by James lepore

A World I Never Made by James lepore

Author:James lepore [lepore, James]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense
ISBN: 9781611880311
Google: 2I3YY7TvKTkC
Amazon: 0981956858
Publisher: Story Plant, The
Published: 2012-02-07T00:00:00+00:00



JANUARY 6, 2004

What exactly did they tell you, Charles?”

“That a witness saw two Arab men throw the old man off the cliff. They were carrying automatic rifles.”

“Who is the witness?”

“It was an anonymous call. A woman.”

“You don’t believe that my people did this, do you?”

“I don’t know what to believe.”

“As I said, our men went to Cap de laHague. Monsieur Peletier would not cooperate. They left. Someone else is looking for our Monsieur Nolan. That is what I think.”


“To find his daughter, of course.”

“Well, the DST is looking for her as well, now.”

There was a pause as Mustafa al-Siddiq took this in. “How is that?” he asked, keeping his voice casual.

“The Cherbourg police called them. They hear ‘Arab men with automatic rifles,’ naturally they think terrorists.”

“Yes, but how do they know about Nolan père et fille?”

“They took apart Peletier’s computer. Apparently he made inquiries to Europol concerning Megan Nolan and a suspected terrorist named al-Zahra. He was asked by his niece to run some finger prints. One set belongs to a known terrorist, Ahmed bin-Shalib. They discovered that Monsieur Nolan was in the country. They called Paris and were told about the suicide.”

“But they believe the suicide was real, no?The body identified by the father?”

“They are confused, Mustafa, but they have enormous resources and they are very curious.”

“And what is your role?”

“I have no role. DST advised us of the situation because it appears an American citizen is involved.”

“You told them nothing about me?”


“Well then,I will contact Onyx. I will tell him the chase is off. He and his people must leave the country.”

“Why not coordinate with the DST?Your people developed this case. The background you can provide would be invaluable. We don’t have to tell them of our initiative.”

“No,Charles, we must withdraw. I am sure your DST will hunt down the Nolans and their friends and that justice will be done.”

Now Charles Raimondi was silent. He had covered up the dead body—one of al-Siddiq’s agents—in Volney Park. Now a respected former French policeman was dead. Thrown off of a cliff at around the same time other Saudi agents were in the vicinity. And neither Patrick nor Megan Nolan were any closer to being found. Had his decision to help al-Siddiq been wrong?Who actually was this Megan Nolan, and why exactly did alSiddiq want her so badly?

“And you would like to be kept out of it?” he asked finally.

“I would prefer that, yes. We broke several rules, as you know. Why cause a fuss among the diplomats?They’re sensitive to these things. Goodbye, Charles. I look forward to seeing you at our next conference in Brussels.”

Charles Raimondi was a diplomat himself. His only connection to the world of intelligence was his role as liaison between the Foreign Office, where he worked as an assistant to the French Foreign Secretary, and the DST, France’s very powerful and very secretive intelligence agency. He had often used this connection to impress certain people, usually women, but the aura of danger that he liked to surround himself with did not exist.


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